Inputs: 2 or more

What it does: Appends columns from secondary tables to the first table (excluding the matching column). Works similarly to Excel VLOOKUP, Excel INDEX/MATCH, and SQL JOIN.

How to use it: Each incoming data set needs a common set of data (e.g. ID number or email address). For each data set, specific the column that contains the common data. The input arrows will have a number to show which is the first input. This is based on the order in which the inputs were added. You can change this by removing the input arrows and re-connecting them in the order you would like.


  • Left Join: Appends all rows from secondary tables that match on the first. Does not add extra rows that do not match.
  • Inner Join: Appends all rows that match on all tables. Does not add rows which don’t have a match in all tables.
  • Outer Join: Appends all rows of all tables. Leaves values blank when a match is not found on the other tables.

Tip: Replicate a SQL right join by choosing a left join and switching the inputs.

Tip: You can join as many tables as you would like.

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