Inputs: 1

What it does: Creates a pivot table from a normal data set.

How to use it: Choose which column's values to "pivot" (make each value a column header). Choose which column to make the values in the pivot table.


  1. Pivot Column: Level
  2. Value Column: Count
  3. Result:

To change a pivot table back to the original data set, choose the Unpivot object. In this example, you would make the following selections:

  • Columns to freeze: Location
  • Pivot Column Name: Level. This makes a new column named "Level" whose values will be the columns that were not frozen (Junior, Senior).
  • Value Column Name: Count. This makes the new column "Count" whose values are populated with the values from the pivot table.

Now the resulting data will be returned to its original state before the Pivot.

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